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    Duties/Functions of Admission Department - The primary functions of admission department is derived from the enabling act establishing the Board that is (Act) No. 2

    1.) Placement of suitably qualified candidates into Tertiary Institutions, taking into cognisance.

    - Vacancies available in each Tertiary Institutions

    - The preference expressed by candidates for certain institutions or courses

    2.) Implementing Admissions guidelines as approved by the proprietor of the institutions or other relevant Authorities

    3.) Collation and dissemination of information on all matters related to admissions.

    4.) Preparing of Policy Committee meeting on Admission Anually.

    5.) Reviewing and Updating of Brochure.

    6.) Distributing of admission print-outs/Direct Entry application documents etc.


    Duties/Functions Human Resource Division

    1.) Recruitment, selection and placement of staff for the Board

    2.) Keeping of staff records

    3.) Staff discipline etc.

    Duties/Functions Training & Development Division

    1.) Training and development

    2.) Insurance & Secretariat activities etc


    Functions/Duties of Accounts Division

    1.) Control and maintenance of Board's assets

    2.) Revenue expenditure analysis

    3.) Maintenance of staff ledger accounts etc

    Functions/Duties of Finance Division

    1.) Opening of staff Annual Personnel Emolument Cards

    2.) Preparation of monthly staff salary and allowances

    3.) Implementation of annual salary increment etc.


    ITS is a service Department that gives support to all other departments of the Board to enable them function effectively to meet the statutory responsibilities of the Board.

    ITS provides support services for SERVICOM\Consultancy unit of the Registrar’s office. As it is today, virtually all the departments of the board need the support services of ITS department to function effectively.

  • TEST DEVELOPMENT.Open or Close

    Functions/Duties of Test Development

    1.) Review and develop syllabus for the UTME

    2.) Recruit and supervise item writers and moderators

    3.) Arrange for trial-testing and moderation of UTME items etc.

  • SPECIAL DUTIES Open or Close

    This department basically deals with outstations' support services and the essential duties of the board, with the following as divisions under it:

    a.) Outstations support services

    b.) Essential duties.

    c.) Outstations Examination and liaison services.

  • PSYCHOMETRICS Open or Close

    Determination of psychometrics utility of UTME items through the conduct of trial testing, item and test analyses.

    Calibration of test items using candidates’ responses using Item Response Theory (IRT) procedures.

    Creation of parallel test forms by optimization using IRT parameter data.

    Analysis of past test item usage or utility level to determine items fit for future use.

    Development and maintenance of an electronic item bank.


    Duties/Functions of Centre Validation, Examinations Malpractice and Investigation Division

    1.) Inspects and determines the suitability of centres for the Board's examinations

    2.) Reports supervision reports and other reports on examination anomalies

    3.) Investigates cases of examination malpractices/irregularities etc.

    Functions/Duties of Monitoring and Evaluation(M&E) Division

    1.) Determines the extent to which tertiary institutions comply with the admissions guidelines

    2.) Verifies the Identity of the admitted candidates

    3.) Collates and produces statistical data on candidate's application and admission etc.

    Functions/Duties of Research and Library Services(RLS) Division

    1.) Conducts research on areas of need relevant to the Board's functions as may be determined from time to time by the board

    2.) Maintains effective and active reference library for the Board

    3.) Conducts a third-party assignment for the Board etc


    Functions/Duties of Mechanical Unit

    1.) Inspection/Repairs of all Board's vehicles in preparation for UTME

    2.) Renewal of Board's drivers' licences

    3.) Allocations of Board's vehicles as per request in the Board etc.

    Functions/Duties of Electricl Unit

    1.) Repairs of Board's electrical equipments(generators, ACs etc.)

    2.) Replacement of defective electrical fittings within the Board

    3.) Collation/settlement of PHCN bills etc.

    Functions/Duties of Civil Unit

    1.) Replacement of defective felt on roof gutters to stop leakages

    2.) Replacement of defective locks on all doors in the Board

    3.) Servicing of the submersible pumps in boreholes etc.


    Duties/Functions of Test Administration

    1.) Appointment of centres, exam officials etc. for the examination

    2.) Periodic review of training manuals/guidelines to coordinators, supervisors, invigilators and candidates

    3.) Periodic review of payment of advances and allowances to resource persons etc.

  • LEGALOpen or Close

    Duties/Functions of LEGAL

  • AUDITOpen or Close

    Duties/Functions of AUDIT

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